Avi-Products (Pty) Ltd – Going from Strength to Strength

All manufacturers of bird and parrot foods and supplements claim that their foods are “scientifically balanced” and the ingredients are “especially prepared.” This is especially so with new foods that have been recently developed and therefore they copy what is on the bags of those foods and supplements that have been widely and successfully used in the market place over the last 25 years.

So what is different about Avi-Plus? Firstly they are the oldest specialised Avian foods and supplements in the country, having been launched in 1985. Secondly more of these foods have been sold in South Africa over the last 20 years than all the other brands, local and imported put together. The real test of a food or supplement, though is, “Does the baby grow well, does it grow to its full potential and does it survive to be a healthy strong young adult?” If the answer is yes to these questions then you have a proven excellent food. Over the last twenty years breeders country wide have made Avi-Plus Hand rearing food the food of choice. The reason for this heavy dependence on Avi-Plus by breeders is simply, “It gives the best results!”
AVI Products has recently made great strides in improving efficiency and reducing costs which will ultimately benefit the customer as we are able to produce goods
at more competitive prices. The year 2008 is remembered for run-away commodity prices forcing the world economies into recession.

Fortunately we recently have seen decreases in the prices of certain commodities.
In June 2007 we started with the implementation of the ISO9001 standard and are proud to announce that after 21 months of hard work got certification in March 2009. The implementation of these quality standards not only gives the assurance that you get what you pay for but has also benefited Avi Products greatly through improved productivity and efficiency.

We have continued to upgrade and improve these quality standards and in November 2009 passed our SABS audit to obtain our ISO9001:2008 certification.
In short, AVI Products is a company that you can rely on for the supply of top quality, affordable products.

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